What is a Rape and How to Protect Yourself

What is considered as unwanted intercourse?

Unwanted sex is considered a crime. Rape is one of the ultimate forms of sexual violence and sexual abuse. We often think that the perpetrator is an unknown person and that rape happens in a dark alley, but in most cases it is about someone whom the victim knows, whether it be a friend, a relative, a former lover or intoxicated partner. That is why victims are all too often divided between feelings of forgiveness and the feeling that they should do something. In such case it is necessary to take appropriate measures and report the act to the competent authorities. michelle johal wants to provide you with all the necessary information in order to protect yourself.

What to do in case of rape?

The attack must be reported as soon as possible. After the report there is also a medical examination, where the investigators establish if the victim was raped and that is enough proof to immediately put the criminal in jail. It should be noted that there are various SOS phones for victims of violence and trauma so that they can get over this painful experience as fast as possible. In such situations it is always best to ask for professional help. It is also necessary to determine whether there is a pregnancy, or some sexually transmitted diseases or infections. It is necessary to overcome feelings of guilt and not let them turn into rage. There are some criminals who often defend themselves saying that the victim was dressed provocatively or was flirting with them, but that is definitely not a reason to do such a crime. In fact, no one deserves something like that. There is no excuse for performing such crime.

How to protect yourself before the attack?

Never, but never let a stranger sit in your car, or ask for a ride to a certain place from a complete stranger. Hitchhiking can be very dangerous, so it is always good to spend more money and go home with a taxi than trying to save money and ask for a free ride. Because these people almost always ask for something in return. If you want to go outside for running or walk your dog, never choose secluded and dark streets for walking, and also avoid suspicious groups of men. If you are being followed by someone suspicious do not be embarrassed to knock on the first house you see and ask for a help from people, and if necessary if you are in a big danger, to get someone’s attention, you can also break the window. If you are meeting with someone for the first time, choose some public place with a lot of people. You should never trust a stranger.

If necessary, be ready to fight. That is why it is important to visit some self – defense classes so that you can defend yourself in such situations.

Things to Know About When Moving to Another Place

No matter what the reason is, if you want to leave your country and move somewhere else, there are a few things you need to know about. Otis & Korman Toronto will tell you exactly what they are. So here is what you need to know before moving to a new country:

  1. Buy some books to educate yourself

Educating yourself doesn’t mean that you are stupid or dumb. These books will help you learn general phrases so that you can have conversations in the foreign country. Also there are books that can help you learn how to write a resume, how to plan your finances, etc.

  1. Place to stay

These are things you need to plan in advance. You cannot travel to another country without having a place to stay. Before going to a new destination make sure you have someone there who will wait for you and help you. If you are unable to find a permanent place to stay or at least until you find a job, remember that every country has motels that offer affordable rooms.

  1. Bring money with you

This is a must. You must have at least $1000 with you, otherwise stay home. You should be aware that it is impossible to find a job immediately so you must have money at least for a rent and to buy some food. And that is the minimum amount of money you should have.

  1. Pay attention to security

You are going to another country and even if it seems that you know a lot of things about it, talk to someone who lives there. Ask about what you can and cannot do in the place you want to stay permanently. Safety always comes first and should always be your priority. You just cannot sit in the park and have a picnic everywhere in the world. Each country has their laws and rules and they must be respected.

  1. Consider finding free accommodation

What? Free accommodation? Yes, you read that right. Let’s say that you don’t have money but you still want to move. Consider visiting websites that offer free places to stay for a month or two until you find a job and get the first salary.

  1. Put your documents and valuables in a safe place

Your documents and valuable should be packed separately in a box so that you can carry them with you in a small bag.

  1. Medications

Do not forget about the medications you take. Or if you don’t take any meds, buy some anti – allergy pills, pills for all kinds of ache, tranquilizers, medications to treat diarrhea, etc. You may not need them at the moment, but you never know what can happen.

  1. Packing

Pack only the most important things and things that are really necessary. The rest of the things you can leave at home.


Questions You Should Ask Spray Foam Toronto Contractor

Perhaps you have already done your research and you have decided that you would make your home as perfect and comfortable as possible. This can only be done with the right spray foam insulation Toronto that can be hired by a professional. There are some people who have tried to install it on their own but without proper knowledge about the process; it can be a big waste of time. Even if you have done a lot of researching about the many benefits of spray foam, you probably have no idea how much foam you need to place on your walls to make it effective.

Instead of trying to read some DIY advices and tips and watching video tutorials about how you can spray foam your home, what you can do instead is to allot the time in searching for the right professional that will give you what you need.

Your main concern now is how you are going to hire the right professional when you do not know the right questions to ask. By asking questions to the spray foam insulation contractors Toronto, you can have an idea about how knowledgeable they are about the process and how they can help you out.

These are just a few questions that you can ask Foam Works:

  1. Does the company have the license to operate the tools and equipment in order to do the spray foam insulation process?

This is one of the most important questions that you can ask because if the company is not licensed then it will be operating illegally. This means that you cannot be sure if they know what they are doing and if they actually know how to use the equipment needed for the procedure.

  1. Does the company know what type of spray foam would be perfect to use for the house?

There is a possibility that through your research, you have already gathered enough information about what type of spray foam would be used best for your home. You just need to ask the company to verify what you already know. If in case the company answers differently from what you have researched, ask why. There may be a good reason for this or you have understood what you read differently.

  1. Is the machine being used environment friendly?

This can be a good question to ask if you are concerned about the environment. You may know how much damage has been done to the world in general. While you cannot alter it, you know that you do not want to contribute to the damage anymore. Ensure that the company you are going to hire will only use spray foam that is made out of renewable resources.

  1. What is the process that will be done prior to the installation ofToronto spray foam?

Basically, when you ask this question, you are asking the contractors how they prepare for the spray foam installation process. Contractors should tell you that you should not be in the house while the process is taking place and they should also have the right gear while doing the installation because the fumes can be strong.

By asking the above mentioned questions, it will be easier for you to eliminate some companies that do not live up to your expectations.

5 Reasons to opt for Relationship Counselling

Separation or divorce is the never expected episode in any couple’s life. Unfortunately, this moment occurs in many relationships where either the husband or the wife or both of them feel it really difficult to sort out the differences.

Often the arguments and the gradually developing distance results to a legal separation and finally it paves the path for a divorce. But many parting couples have given their relationship a second chance by attending a few sessions of relationship counselling.

End of a blissful conjugal relationship or partnership not only hampers the lives of the adults causing to some serious troubles such as uncertain future but also the future of the children of the parting couples. This is the high time when the couples can visit Bayridge Counselling Centres Mississauga for a proper counselling therapy.

The 5 Top reasons for which the couples can seek support from licensed counselling centers —

Reduce the distance

Marriage psychotherapy is applied with the aim of reducing the distance among the married couples who were so much in love with each other. The present harshness of reality has somehow succeeded to win over their love creating to some serious troubles. With the help of an expert marriage therapist and with the couples counselling sessions, the distance within the parting couples can be reduced effectively.

Imbuing positive thinking—

In many cases, therapists in the Counselling clinics come across couples that are filled with severe bitterness for each other. This is all caused from the negativity sediments. With the help of proper relationship counselling, the negativity from each other can be removed.

If anyone of the couple is having an affair—

If anyone among the couple is having an affair, they move ahead for filing divorce. Mostly, in such cases, the other one file for a divorce by charging cheating or they often separate mutually. Otherwise, they undergo a tedious and bitter episode of getting a divorce.

With the help of the therapists from the licensed counselling centers such situation can be avoided. In fact, the therapists at the Counselling clinics with all their gathered optimism try to resist the separation by reminding the couples about the faith and love they once committed to each other. The marriage vows, the passion, their kids are there to help them start once again and by forgetting and forgiving each other’s limitations.

If the couples are living together for the sake of kids—

Counselling has been a life saver for many such couples who are living under one roof for the sake of their kids only. The therapist helps the couples by motivating them to return back to the healthy relationships they have once shared.

When separation is the only solution—

Couple undergoing a serious problem in their marriage should opt for couples counselling immediately. The positive marriage psychotherapy has solved the issues of many couples whose relationships were at stake.

These are a few reasons why opting for a relationship counselling is effective and lifesaving at the same time.